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  • Instead of having Arsenal & Man Utd, we have Invincible Gunners & Withering Walnuts.
  • Your Team scores its own Emblem.
  • Your Team belongs to one of three Dominions. Promotion/relegation applies twice per season.
  • Spend minutes weekly predicting outcomes of 15 EURO League matches through our link to Fantasia.
  • There are many Leagues across European Football from which predictions can be made.
  • Your success rate at tipping will reflect your status in THE FANTASIA FOOTBALL LEAGUE & Cup Competitions.
  • Move through Leagues of 20 in competing with others weekly on being Promoted from Non League Div.
  • Tipsters also get to take part in PRETEND BET where no money is at stake.

  • Your weekly score minus (-) bonus points determines your League score for the week.
  • Your weekly score (+) bonus points determines your Overall position among other Teams
  • Your weekly score (+) bonus points determines your Cup score where a Cup Fixture is played.

Additionally, you are on the threshold of a whole new game and will be on your way to managing your own competition in a quick and easy way, once you have joined as a member of the Main Competition. Managing your club competition is straight forward: [1]  You are the administrator and get to set the competition (sphere) name and Description. [2] You set the pass code to control which players can join your competition. [3] You set the prizes. [4] You can delete a player from your competition. [5] You can set a player fee but that is something you organise separately. We will: [1] Provide the playing environment. [2] List the fixtures. [3] Score the predictions. [4] Run the divisions and the competitions. [5] Give you a list of yellow and red carded players. Together we will ensure that your competition is a success!

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If a Player does not want to actively tip, there are [6] algorithm options enabling picks to be made automatically within AUTO PILOT on Log In. Players can then visit the site at will, see how their Team is performing and change their algorithm &/or insert their own Predictions. The more complex Fantasy games - PremierLeague for example, can take several hours weekly for the die-hard participants to play. We brought the algorithm options into play for the Time Poor + for those with short attention span – when our Prediction game takes only about 5 minutes to complete, given that Players are conversant with the game and simply need enter [15] scorelines. Other forms of Fantasy Football involve all types of machinations, whereas we are direct and involve more Fantasy, given our League structure, Team location in Fantasia and Team Emblems supplied.

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